Baby Hats

When babies are born, they come out from a warm and moist environment, the womb and into one that must feel very cold to them.  That’s why you will see nurses immediately cover their tiny heads with those precious knit, baby hats. The hat will prevent heat loss through the head, but they are not a necessity for very long. Healthy, full-term babies don’t need to wear a hat once they get home.

However if it’s autumn or winter, or if your house is cold, keeping your baby’s head covered can help them stay warm. Until your baby is about 6 months old, they will not be able to regulate their own body temperature very well.

For many parents, baby hats are more a blessing than a curse. If you think your baby looks adorable and cute in those baby hats, feel free to keep putting them on them as long as they seem comfortable. If they act fussy or look flushed or overheated take them off   and see if this calms down. Here at http://www.babyandchildrensclothing.comwe have many styles available. Below is a knitting pattern for tiny little baby hats which are often difficult to find.


Patterns for preemie, baby hats

This is a nice quick and easy pattern.
Use Double Knit Yarn and No 8 Knitting Needles.
The Finished Hat will weigh approx. ¾ oz. or 25grms; Cast on 30 to 36 Stiches.
Make sure not to cast on too tight and leave a length of yarn end to sew the seam up with.
Row 1 Knit Plain
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 Knit Plain
Repeat rows 1 to 3 until your work measures approx. 10″ to 12”
Have 14 to 16 Purl ridges on each side of work
Cast off making sure not to cast off too tightly
Now draw up one side to form a crown.
Finish by Sewing up the side seam.

We hope this was helpful !